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The main mode of the company VEGA Stividors is to propose all kinds of harbor services, reloading and storing cargoes in the territory of the Rigas Free Port. Theres also a landing and many huge open and closed storehouses for deposing different kinds of shiploads in the possession of the company. Enterprise is also engaged in the exportation of different kinds of timber products. Main partners till now have been Scandinavian companies. At this moment VEGA Stividors has made 3 sawing lines with the average capacity - 3 000 m3 timber per month.In the August of the year 2000 VEGA Stividors obtained and installed a new double chamber drier made in Germany by the company EISENMANN with the total capacity 250 m3. According to this, VEGA Stividors is now able to realize different types of contracts about any type or specification of timber. In the dock JM-29 Vega Stividors ltd. mainly deals with reloading of different timber, salt, building materials, and other general cargoes.

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